Agency Labour

How to comply – what it looks like in practice

STEP 1 - Check that the Labour Provider is GLA licensed

The maximum penalty for using an unlicensed Gangmaster is six months imprisonment and a £5,000 fine. The following activities require a licence:

• supplying labour to work in the licensed sectors - agriculture, forestry, horticulture, shellfish gathering, food and drink processing and packaging

• using workers to provide a service in the licensed sectors

• using workers to gather shellfish

If the work is done within the UK, a licence is still required even if the LP is based outside the UK. The Gangmasters Licensing (Exclusions) Regulations 2010 set out a range of circumstances where a licence is not required. Contact the GLA on 0845 602 5020 or if you are unsure whether a licence is required or not.

Before using a Labour Provider, check the GLA public register to confirm that a valid licence is held at: This is the only way to verify that a current licence is held.

Labour users should register with the GLA Active Check facility in order to be informed by the GLA of any changes to the status of the labour provider such as.

  • the labour provider’s licence is revoked

  • they cease trading

  • material changes are made to the licence such as a change of licence holder

  • individuals named on the licence who are permitted to negotiate on behalf of the licence holder are changed

  • they have been granted or refused a licence if they are currently undergoing the application process

For instructions on how to register go GLA Active Check facility. To obtain a Government Gateway User ID and password required to start the registration process go to GLA Register.

On receiving notice from the GLA, a labour user should contact the labour provider to discuss in more detail the reason behind the GLA communication.

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