Children and young workers

Case study - My children help me out on my farm

“I have 2 kids and they always help me out on the farm in the summer and during the weekend, pretty much as and when I need them. Is this OK?”

The same laws apply regardless of whether the children working for you are family members or not. You still need to have all the same checks and restrictions in place. Remember these restrictions are there to protect the safety, development, education and childhood of your children as well as to protect your business.

Make sure that you have information from your local authority on the applicable by-laws for your region. You must comply with these.

  • Ensure that your children are registered with the local authority where necessary.

  • Make sure that you monitor your children’s’ working hours, and that their education and well being are not affected by the work.

  • Your children are entitled to a 2 week break during the school holidays each year.