Children and Young Workers

How to comply 5

Obtaining a permit

  • Before you employ any minors, including your own children, you should check what type of work is allowed by the local authority and if this is relevant to your business.

If you have access to the internet, find your local authority by using the link below and then type ‘child working’ into the search function, this will generate the information you need.

  • Identify any child worker BEFORE they start to work for you.

  • Contact the local authority to ensure that the work you have planned for the minor is permissible and apply for a work permit for them. Liaise with the minor’s parents or guardians to secure the work permit (you will need their permission).

  • Ensure that every minor you employ has their own individual valid work permit from your local authority, and that they keep this available at all times when at the workplace. It is advisable to take a copy of this document and keep it in their personnel file.

  • Abide by any restrictions the local authority puts on the minor’s working time or activities.

  • If you change the work or activities of the minor from those outlined in the original application, you should notify the local authority and obtain permission for these alterations.

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