Freedom of Association

What you should do - ETI

Requirements under the ETI Base code.

These elements go over and above the legal requirements of what you must do.

Means to engage with management - this relates to all workers

ETI requirements:

  • Demonstrate openness to the presence of a union and allow unions to have free access to workers on site.

  • A mechanism for workers to raise workplace issues with management.

In practice this means:

Openness to unions

  • Allow union representatives have free access to your site and workers. Union representatives must of course respect site H&S and hygiene procedures when coming on site to talk to workers.

  • In your induction process, tell workers they have the right to join a union. If you have one on site, tell them about this union. If you do not have a union on site, tell them to contact their local office. You can find out where your local office is by calling the T&G national office on: 020 7611 2500 for advice. It is the worker who is the union member and they can take this membership with them wherever they work.

The T&G will also provide you with leaflets for workers informing them of their rights and the benefits of joining a union.

  • If there is not union on site (workers may not want to join a union), then you need to make sure there is a mechanism for workers to raise issues with you. This may take the form of a suggestion box or a workers committee.

Click here for Suggestion Box example. (Displayed in a popup window.)

  • In your induction process, tell workers who to go to if they have a problem, concern or recommendation. There needs to be a clear reporting structure so you get to find out about issues before they become bigger problems.

Look at your reporting structures and check that language capabilities of supervisors/managers do not stop workers reporting issues.

Providing facilities for union representatives

If you have a union on site, they may need private facilities to conduct their activities.

    If you have a union on site, they may require the use of a room to conduct discussions with workers or with other representatives. Where physically possible, this should be accommodated. It is best if these facilities are private so workers feel safe to discuss issues with their representatives.

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