How to use this on-line handbook


The prime aim of this on-line handbook is to make it easier for growers to check out what they are supposed to do to grow both legally and “ethically".

You can either:
Look up the relevant issue from left hand menu, where you will find a series of arrows that lead you through a series of steps for each section.

Each starts with the Issues and what you must do (legal), then what you should do (ethical). There are pages on How to do it, leading to a Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) which helps draw up your Action Plan.

Or you can:
Jump directly to the Getting Started SAQs, which will direct you to areas needing most attention., where you can complete the relevant SAQ to determoine further what you need to do.


There are facilities to help you find your way round. eg search engine, site-map, and "footer". There are also case studies (practical examples for growers), legal interpretations, and hyperlinks to other information an organisations. More details in Guide

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