There are a series of Issues..


Each issue, from 'Employment is Freely Chosen' to 'Right to Work', spells out why this is important for any business to address, and what can go wrong. The site also gives examples of common misconceptions and pitfalls, and often has relevant case studies.

What you must do

These pages cover minimum requirements, including further details of relevant legislation and regulations and any associated agricultural regulations, highlighting any differences between English, Scottish and Northern Irish law.

How to comply

This gives guidance on ‘what good looks like’, including giving advice on the systems needed to demonstrate compliance.

What you should do

This shows what it means to go beyond minimal legal requirements and spells out best practice requirements, by referring to elements of the ETI Base Code.

SAQs (Self Assessment Questions)

Self Assessment Questions provide  a simple checklist to allow you to assess your current performance and identify areas where you need to improve. The results of the questionnaire can be used to set up your Action Plan.

Action plan

You can easily download a template for your Action Plan, where you can paste your results from questionnaire.

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