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Apr 25, 2013
The Agrciultural Wages Board (AWB) was abolished on April 16 to take effect in October 2013
Jul 10, 2011

Ministers have appointed a new chair of GLA. Margaret McKinlay, former Acting Chief Executive at the Immigration Advisory Service.

Jul 7, 2011
GLA have agreed a Protocol with all the main Supermarkets and Suppliers, to encourage thier suppliers to make information available which may indicate breaches of standards.
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Why have an online Handbook

Numerous ethical assessments are carried out on UK growers’ businesses every year at the request of their customers. These aim to check that growers are operating legally and workers within the supply chain are treated fairly. Audit results show that there are many common issues that are not straightforward to resolve. As first tier suppliers become more aware, the issues are becoming more apparent at second and third tier suppliers, many of which are smaller businesses with no formalised HR systems (for more details see Food Ethics Council “Food & Fairness” Inquiry).

To the large number of small operations, the traditional approach to managing labour standards, by a risk assessment followed by third party audit, is neither appropriate nor affordable. This on-line handbook sets out a simple interactive way for assessing risk and supporting improvements in labour practices in the UK agriculture and horticulture sectors.