This website is a revision of the 2008 edition document, updated in 2011

We would like to thank the following people and organisations for their help in compiling this document:

Barfoots of Botley
Berry Gardens (ex KG Fruits)
Dr Charlie Clutterbuck
Empire World Trade
G’s Marketing
Gangmaster Licensing Authority
Kettle Produce Ltd
Langmead Farms
Mack Multiples
Manor Fresh
National Farmers’ Union
Norman Collett
Richard Hochfeld
S&A Produce
Vita Cress
Wights Salad Group
Worldwide Fruit

This on-line edition of the Ethical Handbook for UK Growers utilises a structure and format previously developed for The Co-operative. 

The Co-operative have kindly made this structure available to the sponsors for use within the UK.


Both the structure and format for the original website and this one were built by Environmental Practice @ Work Ltd.




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