Employment is Freely Chosen

How to comply – what it looks like in practice

For workers directly employed by you, consider how you recruited them. For all workers, have you ever had any indication that any worker was not working of their own free will?

All workers employed directly by you should have a written contract in a language which each worker can read and understand. The contract should specify a notice period

If your workers came to you through an agent or middle man, is it possible that they could be forcing the worker to work for you?

For agency workers: Check that the agency holds a current GLA Licence

Make sure that you keep copies only of identity papers in personnel files.
If you administer home office applications on behalf of workers, for example the Workers Registration Scheme, you must not keep workers’ passports/ID in your possession. Whilst processing these applications receipts for their papers must be given.

Workers must be paid regularly, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. No element of wages should be withheld except legal deductions.

For more information on Agency Labour check out the section 'Agency Labour'

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