Employment is Freely Chosen

What you must do - Law 1

The legal requirements – these are the MINIMUM standards you MUST implement on site to be legally compliant.

The Law

In the UK (including Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland) the key piece of legislation related to this issue are The Employment Rights Act 1966, the Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants etc) Act 2004, the Employment Agencies Act 1973, and the Theft Amendment Act 1966.

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These requirements relate to all workers

General All workers working on your site should be working of their own free will

Trafficking The law prohibits trafficking in persons for the purposes of forced labour.

Identity papers Workers should not be required to lodge their identity papers with you. Only copies should be kept by you, and should be stored in the workers’ personnel records.

Regular payment of wages Wages should be paid at regular intervals and not withheld until the end of a contract.

Notice period All workers working on your site should be free to leave their employment having given reasonable notice. A worker is not penalised for giving notice, nor does the worker have to pass on details of any new employment.

See section on Contracts under Regular Employment.

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