Employment is Freely Chosen

What you must do - Law 2


  • Where deductions from wages, other than those legally required, are made (e.g. for accommodation), there must be evidence on file of workers’ written consent to those deductions.
  • One of three conditions has to be met for an employer lawfully to make deductions from a worker's wages or to receive payments from a worker. These are that the deduction or payment is:
    • Required or authorised by legislation (for example income tax or national insurance contributions); orAuthorised by the worker's contract - provided that the worker has been given a written copy of the relevant terms or a written explanation of them before it is made; or
    • Agreed to in writing by the worker before it is made.

Loans and payments to employers

  • Any debts properly entered into, or agreed recoveries from wages, are in writing and do not seek to cover more than the amount agreed or the recoveries allowed.

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