Living wages are paid

Table to show the pay rates under the AWO Northern Ireland 2009.

The Agricultural Wages Board has confirmed, that from 6 April:

  • Age bands (16 – 22) will be removed from the minimum wage rates;

  • Overtime will only apply where an employee has worked more than 39 hours per week i.e. the automatic right to overtime for working on a Sunday etc. will no longer apply;

  • The Accommodation Offset for “Temporary and Harvest Employees” will increase to £31.22 per week; and

  • The Accommodation Offset will apply to all workers commencing work in agriculture for the first time from 6 April 2009.

The Board has also confirmed the new minimum wage rates for agricultural workers at Grades 2 to 6 as detailed in the table below.  These new rates will apply from 6 April 2009.

The lowest pay band known as the ‘Grade 1 - Minimum Rate’ has not been increased and the current rates are detailed below.


Rate per Hour


Grade 1 - Minimum Rate

Applicable for the first 40 weeks

Cumulative employment


Grade 2

Standard Worker


Grade 3

Lead Worker


Grade 4

Craft Grade


Grade 5

Supervisory Grade


Grade 6

Farm Management Grade