Living wages are paid

How to comply 4

Holiday pay for all workers

Paying for holidays

  • Ensure holiday pay is paid at the proper daily rate.
  • Ensure holiday pay is paid at the time it is taken not as holiday pay.
  • If a worker leaves your employment, you calculate how much holiday is outstanding (Chapter 6) and pay the balance in their final wage.
  • Ideally payslips should differentiate between normal pay and holiday pay. If you use casual day/week workers, you still need to pay them their holiday allowance (however small) but this should be specified as a holiday payment NOT rolled up into their hourly rate.

Sick pay for all workers

Recording sick leave

  • Communicate to workers that they must inform you if they are sick (this is also important for food hygiene reasons).
  • Record if a workers is off sick – many businesses do this simply by putting ‘S’ on the attendance sheet for each sick day.
  • If workers have had more than 3 days off sick: Ask the worker to bring in a sick note from their doctor.
  • Calculate how much sick pay is owed based on the type of work they do, their length of service etc (i.e. does the AWO apply).
  • Check that workers are paid the correct sick pay.

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