Living wages are paid

How to comply - 3

Deductions - all workers

Compulsory deductions

  • Ensure that you are deducting the appropriate levels of tax and NI from workers’ wages.

Other deductions

Look at the deductions taken from workers.

  • Is there a written consent from workers giving their permission for the deduction?
  • Ensure the consent form details what the deduction is for and how much will be taken.
  • Each deduction requires a separate signature.
  • The consent form is separate to workers’ terms and conditions (or at least requires separate signatures).
  • Deductions are for a valid service.
  • Workers have the choice of accepting the service and associated charge without it impeding their employment.

Payslips - all workers

  • Ensure you issue a payslip to each worker for each pay period.
  • Check that each payslip details the following:
- The pay period.
- Gross pay.
- ALL deductions including tax and national insurance.
- Net pay.

  • If you have multiple deductions and your payroll system cannot specify each deduction, then a separate sheet should be issued with the payslip detailing each item and the amount deducted.

Ensure you pay workers regularly, at least once per month.

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