Living wages are paid

How to comply 5

Piece rate workers

Time trials

  • Ensure you conduct time trails to set your piece rate as there are a number of factors which can affect productivity rates.
  • Ensure time trials are conducted by workers that reflect the ability and make up for your workforce.
  • Test period of time trial is sufficient to allow for fluctuations in productivity throughout the day i.e. 2 hours.

Accommodation - for all workers to whom you provide accommodation

Whole house accommodation

If workers live in a whole house (as under AWO);

  • Ensure you do not charge more than the specified limits i.e. £1.50 per week (in England).

For all other accommodation provided by your business:

  • If you pay the minimum wage, ensure you do not charge/deduct more than £4.46 per day, £31.22 per week.
  • If you charge more than £31.22, you have offset this charge by an equivalent increase in wages
  • Periods of no/little work
  • If you have minimum wage workers who fall under the AWO living in your accommodation, at times where there is no work (and hence they do not get paid), you should ensure the hours are monitored, and that the accommodation charge is only made where workers have worked more than 15 hours that week.
  • If your workers are not working under the AWO, you may consider only charging them for accommodation when they have sufficient work. If workers are charged for accommodation when they have not been working, this may build resentment among these workers show of goodwill during low weeks will help to ensure that your workers are happy, and willing to work hard.

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