Living wages are paid

What you must do - law 2

National minimum wage - applies to all workers

General Employment Law

  • The National Minimum Wage (NMW) from October 2010 is set at:

    • Adult rate (workers aged 22 and over) - £5.93.

    • Development rate for 18-21 year olds - £4.92.

    • Development rate for 16-17 year olds - £3.64.

  • These rates are the MINIMUM a worker should receive.

  • Workers who are members of your family and live in the same home as you are not covered by minimum wage requirements

    For More on Minimum wages

Agricultural Wages Order (AWO 2012)

  • For a grade 1 worker above school leaving age, minimum pay is £6.21 per hour (England and Wales Oct 2012).

  • Higher rates apply to higher grade workers. Grade 2 = £6.96, Grade 3 = £7.66

  • For night work, an additional £1.36 should be added to the basic rate. For More

    The England and Wales AWB was due to be abolished More on abolition of AWB. However, Wales want to maintain it and that is throwing up all sorts of legal issues. It means that there is an AWO 2012.

  • Scotland October 2010 on - £5.96 per hour and for the first 26 weeks of work and £ 6.51 per hour after 26 weeks.

  • Northern Ireland April 2010 on - for 19+ year olds £5.93 per hour.

  • If a worker is paid piece rate, the piece rate must be set to allow the worker to earn at least the minimum pay rates for normal and overtime hours.

These rates are the MINIMUM a BASIC worker should receive. If you use more skilled people, then higher minimum rates apply.

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