No discrimination is practised - Case study

Case study - Employment of disabled persons in the UK

In the UK it is against the law for mentally or physically disabled persons to be discriminated against as long as they are able to perform the necessary tasks. A company supplying herbs successfully employed a learning disabled person as production assistant. This employee is now an important member of the staff and has responsibilities which include cleaning jobs and disposing of products rejected by quality control. The company manager, describes the employee as: “very, very reliable and very good at what he does.” She says that he is “now part of the team in every sense of the word, and we really miss him a great deal when he goes on leave.”

The company manager says that it has been both easy and very fulfilling to employ someone with a learning disability. The company has obtained ongoing support from social services and has provided a mentor to the employee, who provides support whenever required. For instance, the mentor helps him to understand and complete forms which are an essential part of his work. The company also ensured that all his training needs were met by courses that provided either visual or oral tuition and testing, or a mentor to take him through the paperwork. This employee also works hours that suit him, from 8.30 till 14.30.

The company manager adds: “Hiring him has been extremely successful for us, and we have learned so much about enabling disabled people, experience which we will be able to use when hiring other disabled people in the future.”

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