No Discrimination is Practised

How to comply 2

Fair treatment

  • Ensure that the conditions and practices that are in place in your workplace are not detrimental to one group of workers.

Equal Pay

  • Make sure that the pay rates and the pay bands at the workplace are based on material differences between the jobs and not on whether the people doing the jobs are male or female.
  • Look at how pay increments are calculated; workers should not be paid more purely because they have been working for you for a longer period of time.
  • If you have cases where work is not paid equally, bring the lower wage into line with the higher one, to ensure that your workers are being paid the same amount for comparable work.
    Where there are jobs that tend to be filled by one gender, ethnic group or other such grouping (e.g. if pickers tend to be male and pack house workers tend to be female) conduct an assessment to compare the differences in the roles and ensure that the two jobs are paid at the same level where the effort, skill and decision-making required are the same. There should be no pay difference where there are no material differences between the roles.

Access for Disabled Workers

  • Ensure that there are no practices or conditions in the workplace that could discriminate against a disabled employee.


If you have a worker who has become disabled whilst working for you:

  • You should hold the person’s job open for them.
  • Make reasonable adjustments to their conditions of employment so they can continue working for you.
  • These could include: making adjustments to premises; altering the person's working hours, allowing absences during working hours for medical treatment; giving additional training, getting special equipment or modifying existing equipment; changing instructions or reference manuals; providing additional supervision and/or support.
  • The adjustments are considered ‘reasonable’ depending on such things as the financial cost and the size and type of business.

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