No Harsh or Inhumane Treatment

How to comply 2 - Disciplinary Procedures


  • Ensure you have a written disciplinary procedure for your business, setting out the employer’s processes for dealing with misconduct.

Communicate policy

  • Inform workers about your discipline procedures. This could be as part of their induction.

  • In the employment contract issued to workers, ensure there is a reference to the disciplinary procedure. The contract should state where workers can find full details of the full policies e.g. a handbook.

You need to consider the language used to inform workers about the policy and the language in which the policy is available. Many workers do not speak or read English. You should consider translating the documents at least verbally if not in written form.


  • Look at your reporting structures and endeavour to ensure that you supervisory/management team reflect the makeup of your workforce in terms of languages spoken and gender. This will help to ensure that all workers can find someone to whom they can report issues should they arise.

  • All supervisors and management need to be aware of their responsibilities to report any issues they see or are raised by workers.


  • Follow disciplinary procedure meticulously in the event of a problem.

  • Keep careful and confidential records to show that you have followed the correct procedure for each investigation.

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