No Harsh or Inhumane Treatment

How to comply 3 - Grievance procedure


  • Ensure you have a written grievance procedure for your business setting out how workers can appeal against decisions made by their employer.

Communicate policy

  • Inform workers about your grievance procedures. This could be as part of their induction.

  • In the employment contract issued to workers, ensure there is a reference to the grievance procedure and the person to whom they can apply. The contract should state where workers can find full details of the full policies (see above in section on disciplinary procedure).


Workers should be aware of:

  • The three stages of the statutory procedure and any further elements of the organisation’s additional procedures.

  • With whom to raise the complaint and appropriate sources of support.

  • Timescales within which the organisation will seek to deal with the complaint.

  • Details of the stages of the grievance procedure e.g. how a complaint may be raised with the next level of management if a satisfactory resolution is not reached.

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