No Harsh or Inhumane Treatment

How to comply 1 – what it looks like in practice

Duty of Care to all workers


  • Amakn organisational statement to all staff about the standards of behaviour expected can e it easier for all individuals to be fully aware of their responsibilities to others.

Harassment and bullying


  • In order for workers to understand that they will be protected from harsh treatment, bullying and harassment, employers should draw up a statement of their commitment that such behaviour will not be tolerated, the responsibilities of supervisors and managers, and the procedures for investigating complaints.

  • A policy statement will carry more authority if staff have been involved in the development of the policy.

  • The procedures for investigation should include both informal and formal approaches and timescales for investigation should be given. This can follow the normal grievance procedure detailed below

  • Staff should be given the name of a person they should contact in the event of a complaint and, in case the complaint is about this person, a back-up name.

  • Staff should be given assurance that complaints will be taken seriously, investigated fairly, treated in confidence and that the person bringing the complaint will not be victimised.

  • State that there will be a right of appeal.


Supervisors and managers may need training to recognise unacceptable behaviour.


  • In the event of a complaint, conduct a prompt investigation. The investigation must be seen to be objective and independent.

  • Document each stage of your investigation and document the outcome.

Outcome of the investigation

  • It may be possible to resolve the matter in informal discussion between the parties or it may be appropriate to provide counselling for both the perpetrator and the victim.

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