Regular employment - What a contract should include

What a contract should include

A written statement must include:

  • The names of the employer and the employee;

  • The date when the employment (and the period of continuous employment) began;

  • Remuneration and the intervals at which it is to be paid;

  • Hours of work;

  • Holiday entitlement;

  • Entitlement to sick leave, including any entitlement to sick pay;

  • Pensions and pension schemes;

  • The entitlement of employer and employee to notice of termination;

  • Job title or a brief job description;

  • Where it is not permanent, the period for which the employment is expected to continue or, if it is for a fixed term, the date when it is to end

  • Either the place of work or, if the employee is required or allowed to work in more than one location, an indication of this and of the employer's address

  • Details of the existence of any relevant collective agreements which directly affect the terms and conditions of the employee's employment - including, where the employer is not a party, the persons by whom they were made

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