Regular Employment


8.1 Why tackle the issue of regular employment?

What is the issue?

Temporary/casual workers can be vulnerable since many people think that they are not entitled to the same rights (pay, benefits, redundancy and termination) as other workers. If workers have a clear understanding of their terms and conditions of work, and of their rights, they know where they stand. This is best done through having a clear contract with each worker.

The business case

National laws specify that employees must be provided with their terms and conditions of employment and be paid the benefits to which they are entitled. Not meeting the law in these areas can have a significant detrimental impact on your business. Media attention and exposés have a significant negative effect upon both your and your customers’ businesses and can damage your business relationships.

On the positive side, workers who have security in their employment are more likely to be happy in their work, and ultimately more productive.

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