Working Conditions are Safe & Hygienic


What can go wrong?

• 600,000 people were injured or became ill because of work in 2005 in the UK, costing their employers an average of £1,200 a time. (HSE figures, April 2006)

• In the UK, the farm is the most dangerous workplace in terms of likelihood of being killed while at work. The usual annual figures show that people are twice as likely to be killed on a farm as the next worse industry - construction. For latest details see HSE Statistics

The main causes of accidents are due to moving objects/animals:

  • transport (including vehicle overturns and being struck by a moving vehicle) – (36%);
  • falling from a height –  (13%);
  • livestock-related (injury from contact with an animal) –  (13%);
  • coming into contact with moving machinery –  (11%);
  • being struck by a moving or falling object (e.g. trees, bales etc) –  (9%);

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Work Conditions are Safe & Hygienic

Case study - Farm death

Avoidable death at a farm, a result of faulty machinery

A man on a Cambridgeshire farm witnessed the death of his father as he fell under the wheel of a tractor. The inquest found that the tractor's handbrake was worn and could disengage through the vibrations of the engine and roll freely on a slope.

The Deputy Coroner recorded a verdict of 'Accidental Death' and said, 'It is a lesson to everybody who uses machinery to ensure it is always kept in working order.'


The business case and what can go wrong:

Good health and safety management reduces risk to you, your workers and to your business. Tackling this issue can have an immediate positive effect on the well-being and effectiveness of your workforce.

Occupational health and safety is covered by laws and regulations. It is in the interest of your business to be in compliance with the appropriate health and safety laws or the factory could be fined or even closed down.

Good health and safety management reduces risk to your workers and to your business

Poor health and safety can cost your business money in many ways, for example through:

  • Fire damage
  • Downtime and production disruption due to sickness or mechanical breakdowns
  • Medical claims from employees
  • Fines relating to unsafe workplaces or injury/death of workers.
  • Healthy workers have higher morale and are therefore more likely to be productive and to stay at the factory for longer.

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