Work Conditions are Safe & Hygienic - How to conduct a risk assessment

How to conduct and record a risk assessment

  1. Walk around each area of the factory with those responsible for H&S

  2. Identify areas where there are risks and who might be affected – consider how you would feel if you were completing the task and what dangers you might face. Talk to workers about what dangers and risks they can see in their own work environment.

  3. Once the risks are identified, evaluate the risks and decide whether the existing precautions are adequate or whether more should be done

  4. Agree with managers/supervisors whether you can remove the hazard (use less hazardous chemicals? Replace dangerous machinery?)

  5. If not, what can be done to reduce or control the risk? (Machine guards? Personal protective equipment? Ventilation?)

  6. Agree who will do the action and when

  7. Regularly check actions have been completed

  8. Document all issues identified and progress made with taking action to reduce the risks identified