Working Conditions are Safe & Hygienic

How to comply 4 - what it looks like in practice

  • Ensure that all accidents are recorded.
  • You should explain to workers in the induction process the importance of recording all accidents/injuries that happen at, or because of, work no matter how small they are.
  • You should make first aiders responsible for recording accidents.
  • You should provide an accident recording book in the vicinity of the first aid provision on site.
  • The senior manager for health and safety and/or risk assessments should follow up each accident record to determine the cause of the accident/illness and to identify any necessary risks that can be removed. They should then be responsible for ensuring that the necessary actions and reports are undertaken.

First Aid

First Aid Boxes

  • Ensure that there is at least 1 first aid box in each area of your site. If you have a very dispersed site e.g. various fields, you will need to have a first aid box available in each field when there are workers there. This can be kept in the rig/tractor or the supervisor may keep a ‘bum bag’ first aid kit.
  • Ensure that first aid boxes are kept well stocked.

First aiders

  • Ensure there is at least one worker trained in first aid provision.
  • If you have dispersed work areas, ensure there at least one person trained in each area.
  • Ensure there is cover for first aid provision when the key first aider is absen

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