Working Conditions are Safe & Hygienic

How to comply 5 - what it looks like in practice


You must have a competent person responsible for the management of:

  • Chemicals should be incorporated into your risk assessment programme.
  • Read the MSDS – they are a useful resource which summarise the potential risks from chemicals and the necessary steps you should take.
  • You should ask the provider of your chemicals to give the MSDS to you in languages you and your workers can understand.
  • Risk assessments and the MSDS will help you to identify what the risks are to your workforce and what training and PPE is necessary.
  • Ensure that all workers using chemicals have received the appropriate training.
  • Companies that provide chemicals can potentially conduct training for your staff on all aspects of the use of chemicals.
  • Ensure that workers working with chemicals are provided with the necessary protective equipment and that this is provided free of charge.
  • Ensure that workers working with chemicals receive regular medicals free to charge to ensure that their work has no adverse affects to their health.
  • Ensure that you have a complete list of all of the chemicals that you use on site, and keep a record of how much of each one you use.

Follow this link for further information on REACH and how it may affect you.


Sanitary conveniences

  • Ensure that there are sufficient toilets available for workers.
  • These facilities should have soap, hand towels and toilet paper available at all times.
  • Ensure that there are toilets available for workers, even when they are out in fields. This may involve the provision of portable toilets. You will need to ensure that these are cleaned regularly.

Drinking water

  • Ensure that workers always have fresh water available to drink. This may require you to distribute water in bottles in the field. This is particularly important in the summer months.
  • Ensure that all areas of the workplace are smoke free, and that workers are aware of the change in the law regarding smoking in the workplace

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