Working Conditions are Safe & Hygienic

What you must do  - Law 3
Fire - all workers

  • In England and Wales new rules introduced in October 2006 have replaced most existing fire safety legislation. Fire certificates are no longer required, and the emphasis is on preventing fires and reducing risk.
  • A legally-designated "responsible person" must be nominated who must arrange for a risk assessment, identify any possible fire-risks and deal with them. Several people can share the responsibility but one person must be ultimately responsible for making sure responsibilities are carried out.

Risk Assessment:

  • Carry out a fire-risk assessment and identify possible dangers and risks (think about particular risks e.g. hazardous chemicals) and get rid of them where possible and minimise risk.
  • Make sure there is protection if you use or store flammable or explosive materials.
  • Have a plan to deal with emergencies.
  • Record your findings and review them as and when necessary.

Detection system

  • You must have an appropriate fire-detection and warning system that can be heard and activated in all parts of the building.

Means of escape

  • Ensure there is a means of escape even if one exit becomes blocked.
  • Make sure the escape route is as short as possible, suitable for the number of people being evacuated, pathways are kept clear and exits unobstructed.
  • Passageways should be 1m wide. Passageways that are more than 30m long, or 45m in offices and factories, should be subdivided into equal parts by fire doors.
  • Inform and train all employees in how to escape the building.
  • Install an emergency lighting system.
  • Identify all escape routes with appropriate signs.

Fire fighting equipment

  • Extinguishers should have a guaranteed shelf-life, and one for every 200 square metres of floor space, and at least one on every floor.
  • You may need other specialised fire-fighting equipment depending on site processes and the nature of your site.

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