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What you must do - Law 7


  • From 6th April 2006, Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) of over 3 levels and with more than 5 people who make up more than one household must be licensed in accordance with the provisions of the Housing Act 2004.

  • The Act also gives Local Housing Authorities (LHA) the power to designate other types of HMO that are to be licensed. From 6th July 2006, a person may be prosecuted if they have failed to get their HMO licensed.

  • This can include any house occupied by members of more than one household. (A household is defined as being comprised of the members of one family).

  • It is essential for landlords to find out about licensing as the failure to apply to license a licensable property is a serious offence that from 6th July 2004 can carry a penalty of up to £20,000.

  • The Housing Act 2004 affects England and Wales only. Scotland and Northern Ireland already have their own licensing schemes and Wales will have its own separate licensing arrangements.

  • Scotland only. Where appropriate, accommodation is licensed or registered in accordance with the Antisocial Behaviour etc (Scotland) Act 2004 (Part 8, registration of landlords) or the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 (Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation) Order 2000.]

  • England and Wales only. There should be no evidence that the room and space standards set out in the Housing Act 1985 are breached or evidence of misuse of Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO).

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  • Ensure that all gas appliances in the property are safe and are checked annually by a CORGI-registered engineer.

  • Ensure any electrical equipment you provide is safe for use - though there's no requirement to get a certificate.

  • You must provide and maintain fire alarms and extinguishers, fire blankets, fire doors, fire escapes and escape routes and smoke or heat alarms.

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