Working Conditions are Safe & Hygienic

What you should do - ETI

All ETI requirements are achieved by meeting the legal requirements set out in 'What you must do'.

Guidance and information from the Health and Safety Executive is available to assist you in achieving best practice, and ensuring that you and all of your workers are safe both at work, and travelling to and from work. Click for 'What Employers & Employees should do in over 12 languages common with migrant workers

Training All workers

  • The HSE has developed learning qualifications to National Standards of competence for workers and managers, which enable them to acquire the skills and knowledge to maintain good H&S practices. Gaining one of the qualifications entitles workers to raise their grade, and therefore salary.

  • The training is provided in stages and it is possible to complete stages online.

  • By incentivising workers and managers to improve their understanding of health and safety, it is possible to ensure that the workforce is trained and skilled and to better reduce any risks present in the working environment.

  • For more information about the qualifications and training, and how this can benefit your workplace follow this link.

  • Information about pay grades can be found here

    In practice this means you should:

  • Ensure that workers and management are aware of the training opportunities that are available to them.

  • Encourage workers to participate in training activities and qualifications.

  • Ensure that workers are compensated accordingly when they have completed a qualification.

  • It may be necessary to focus on supervisors and managers before offering training to workers. This will ensure that the workplace sees the benefit of more training, whilst reducing the initial financial impact on the employer.

  • Ensure that workers are able to take the training should they wish to.

  • Develop a funding system which allows workers and management to undertake training without incurring financial costs themselves.

Access free online training materials to comply with Level 2 & 3 qualifications, compliments of EP@W Ltd

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