Working hours are not excessive

Case study - High working hours

“High working hours are an issue on my site – how do I begin to resolve this issue?”

Long working hours can seem like a difficult issue to resolve. First you need to understand how severe the problem is.

To do this you need to:

Understand the problem:

  • Record all the hours worked by all workers over a representative period of time. You are likely to need at least 1 months records

  • Look at these records to see which workers are working too many hours.

  • Ask yourself: what jobs do they do? Are they all in one section/job? Is it only one or two workers in a section/job?

  • Talk to the worker –Can they suggest ways their jobs could be made more efficient? Wold more training help to improve the productivity of these particular workers?

Plan Production:


  • Do you have enough workers? You may need to take on more workers in certain jobs where hours are particular high. This can help to reduce bottlenecks in the production process and reduce waiting time (often paid but unproductive time) further down the production chain. This helps to improve efficiency.

  • Taking on additional workers can sometimes seem like an additional expense but the efficiency gains and reduction of OT hours and hence OT premium pay, additional workers often pay for themselves.

  • What is driving high levels of overtime?

  • How do you plan?

  • How much time do you have to plan production?