Working hours are not excessive

How to comply 2

Risk assessments - All workers:

  • You should conduct a risk assessment of the work carried out on site and consider whether long hours could have H&S implications for each operation.
  • There will be a higher risk to workers working long hours if they are operating machinery.
  • You should look at both on-site and off-site risks e.g. would a worker be safe to drive home after a long shift (or series of long shifts)?

Plan in rest periods for all workers:

  • You need to understand how many workers you are likely to need to meet your production requirements each day. This may involve conducting time trials and/or looking back at previous production records to understand how long jobs take and how much manpower is required.
  • When planning your work schedule, take into account the rest periods workers require as this is downtime.
  • Make sure workers get the required days off. It can be useful to plan at least 2 weeks ahead and book in days off in the schedule in advance, making sure that each worker gets at least 1 day off in 7, or 2 consecutive days off in every 14 day period.
  • If you run your operation on a 7-day week, you will need to rotate the days off you give to workers. This may mean having a small excess number of workers in your ‘worker pool’ to allow for days off. This can also give you some slack to cover sickness and non-attendance.

Check the amount of time off between shifts:

  • When planning your work, the schedule should allow for 11 hours rest between shifts. This means that you need to anticipate what time you will finish work at the end of each shift.
  • If you finish late on one day, you need to make sure that workers get 11 hours rest before they start the next day. This may mean delaying their start time from that previously planned.

Plan in rest periods for young workers:

  • Make sure that you plan in 2 consecutive days off for young workers.
  • Make sure you plan for young workers to get 12 hours rest between shifts. This should not be too difficult as they are not allowed to work overtime.

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